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Many Comcast customers experience some kind of outage each month. However they might not know they can claim a credit, don't remember the exact outage dates, or are too busy to call.

We'll do it for you

Our staff will call on your behalf and get the money back as credit for the outage duration. All we need is your name and address on the account and we'll send you an email to confirm once it's done.

Where's my money?

It's your money and we won't touch it. Your refund will be credited directly onto your Comcast account for the next billing cycle. It usually takes 2-3 business days to appear in your account.

And... the first refund is free!

Your first refund is on us. We hope we've gained your trust 💪. If you sign up an account, we'll continuously monitor for outages in your area and automatically ask for a refund for a 25% fee. Bottom line – you don't pay any fees unless you get a refund.

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What customers are saying

Truth be told I was skeptical at first but 2 days after signing up I actually got an email from Xfinity saying I received the outage credits! It's like free money. These guys are legit.

Davaris H.
League City, TX

I knew you can claim outage credit before but who has time to deal with Comcast for a few bucks? Then my friend asked me to give Outage Refund a spin and they delivered. Turns out it's more than a few bucks each time and there are outages that I didn't even notice. Highly recommended!

Charlene G.
Houston, TX

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